Pay Per Click Management

Paid and organic are the two types of search engine results, and they each have benefits and disadvantages. Paid search results, which are referred to as pay per click or PPC, generate immediate results for businesses such as what's being done correctly and what isn't, in a nutshell. The problem with paid search results is that you have to have a substantial budget to get started; however, the cost of advertising on search engines like Google is substantially less than traditional advertising like newspapers. Conversely, organic search marketing is not immediate at all; in fact it can take months and even years to create an established search engine ranking, particularly when competing with websites that have had years or even a decade or more to establish their ranking.

How PPC Management Strengthens SEO Strategy

Everyone needs immediate and long-term results when it comes to search engine traffic. That's why organic and paid traffic needs to be combined for a solid overall strategy. PPC campaigns start driving traffic to your site right away. If your sales are stagnant, targeted traffic (it has to be the right traffic, not just any type of visitor) will lift your sales numbers and easily pay off your advertising costs. Another great benefit of using a PPC campaign is that you gain insight into which keywords work well. You can then apply this insight to your organic search campaign for faster results.

The PPC Process

PPC management encompasses the entire process of gaining targeted visitors from search engine results. Setting up a PPC campaign is not as simple as plugging in keywords and writing ad copy -- visitors must experience a streamlined sales funnel in order to result in purchases instead of bounces. After users click on a PPC ad they are taken to a landing page, so named because that is where said visitors "land". If the messaging on this page isn't consistent with the ad, your users will leave because of lack of continuity … it only take one second, one wrong move to lose a customer. However, landing pages are not all about making sales specifically, they can accomplish any goal set forth by a business, such as collecting sign ups for a newsletter.

Bid Management

If you don't manage your bids properly, you can end up with a lot of traffic and an equally high amount of costs. Worse still, you can end up with the same costs without the traffic to offset it. This is why it's important to hire people skilled in bid management. In general these professionals will make changes to your campaign based on data built up throughout previous runs of the campaign -- not hunches; that said, these professionals won't shy away from experimentation either, and they won't bid for the top position because that is usually not the highest level of profitability. The ultimate goal is finding the perfect middle ground between performance and costs, so that your profit margin is at its peak and remains there over time.


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