Banking Solutions

Banks are complex businesses which need many types of high quality financial service solutions to remain successful. Advisory services, merchant services and fraud mitigation are essential. Merchant services facilitate the logistics of online shopping for your business, fraud mitigation keeps your business safe from ever increasing threats to your data, and advisory services help keep your business on the track of growth.

Advisory Services

Every business benefits from advice. Your bank or other financial institution needs advisory services to truly stay competitive today. Is your portfolio optimized to its fullest potential? Is your data easily accessible, and do you receive reporting in order to act quickly on this available data? If these are the types of questions your bank or financial institution asks itself regularly, than advisory services are likely well-suited to your strategic plan for success.

Merchant Services

If you do business online, you need merchant services by your side that will make your operations more flexible and efficient. Types of merchant services include mobile payment acceptance, mobile point-of-sale, fraud and data security, prepaid programs and card payment processing. Payment acceptance services allow merchants of any size business to accept mobile payments while saving money on processing costs. Mobile point-of-sale services encourage the growth of your business by allowing you to monitor it remotely, while simultaneously saving time as well as money by utilizing a variety of features like all-in-one POS systems. Fraud and data security keeps ever-increasing threats to your businesses' data at bay. Prepaid programs allow you to collect payments a different way, increasing your customer base.

Fraud Mitigation

Fraud mitigation depends on the help of a variety of security service including encryption, tokenization, PCI assist, breach assist and eCommerce security.

Encryption: Encryption works by scrambling card data; it lowers the risk of exposed data, preserves transaction speed as well as convenience, and makes PCI compliance easier with automated adjustments according to new rules of compliance.
Tokenization: Tokenization is similar to encryption in that it disguises data, except with symbols that are of no use to those who steal such data. Benefits of this type of fraud mitigation include the ability to complete recurring payment processing and other card data processes without storing data.
eCommerce Security: This helps you detect fraud, stay secure in the face of it, and deal with its consequences when it does occur.
PCI Assist: PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, an organization which requires merchants to adhere to certain standards. These standards often change, and staying current is costly and time-consuming for businesses, particularly small ones. Fortunately many companies offer services which make staying compliant easy -- and it can all be done remotely.
Breach Assist: When your business experiences a security situation you need to buy insurance against briefing which includes coverage for card brand fines, forensic audits, account data comprise recovery costs and card replacement/monitoring costs.