Real Estate Solutions

Lead tracking, personalized realtor websites with IDX integration and personalized iPhone/Android apps with IDX integration are essential tools for all real estate professionals looking to compete today. Real estate agents must not only be able to nurture their leads, but provide greater value via technology with personalized websites and applications. These applications help homebuyers appraise their homes, find homes in their areas, and keep in contact with you.

Lead Tracking

Why is leading tracking important for the real estate industry? Bosses of real estate agents cite poor follow up in studies as a large reason why leads slip away. Leads in real estate must be nurtured; in fact it takes an average of over six months to make a final decision on purchasing a home for most buyers. Real estate agents however generally target leads that are ready to buy quickly. A lead is a lead, and it's crucial to follow each through to the end. However, the neglect of this task is under stable because without the help of technology like Infusionsoft, and other various services.

Personalized Realtor Website With IDX

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange -- it sounds complicated, but really it's just a website where people can search for multiple listing service homes. There are a lot of different IDX websites to choose from, you simply have to choose the one that works best for your business goals and your budget. Don't neglect an IDX because it's the norm now; in fact, you need to focus on how to differentiate your website with IDX integration from all the others in your local market.

Personalized iPhone and Android Apps With IDX Integration

Real estate businesses need applications for the same reasons other businesses do, but the necessity is amplified. Why? Because customers are driving around looking at homes and they need to be able to access your IDX. Study after study shows that if you do not have a mobile site ready to meet your users needs, you'll lose them almost immediately to a competitor. When customers find your listings on a mobile site, the situation is more urgent because if they were at home they'd likely use a PC. Fortunately many companies offer their own versions of IDX platforms which can be customized to fit the branding and needs of your real estate services.


Solutions like lead tracking, personalized realtor websites with IDX integration, and personalized iPhone/Android apps with IDX help make the job of all realtors more efficient and profitable. Many of your competitors have already been making the most of their leads with technology for several years, so it certainly pays to catch up if you don't have a personal website, mobile app and lead tracking software by your side.