Meet the Team

Black Label Technology is backed with a combined experience of 25 years of information technology, website design, and programming knowledge. Black Label Technology located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. At Black Label Technology, we believe in creating professional, high quality online applications and website solutions at competitive prices. Black Label Technology believes that no projects are too small or too large. We are proud to serve clients all over the United States, from personal websites and blogs, small and medium businesses and as well creating software solutions for large corporations.

Black Label Technology not only creates and builds websites, web applications, and software solutions from the “ground up” but also provides online business consulting and website upgrade services for those with existing websites. We stand behind our products and services 110% and offer friendly, intelligent customer service.

  • Ernie Noblett


    Ernie Noblett is the visionary behind the creation of Black Label Technology. He has been a developer for the last nine years. Creating applications in ASP.NET, C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET, Java, PHP and Perl.

  • Matthew Owens


    Matt has been with Black Label Technology for 2 years. In that time he has absorbed a vast array of knowledge including database architecture, mobile app development, and the latest in web design.

  • Shelby Elliott

    Business Analyst

    Shelby works incredibly hard everyday for our clients. He is the point of contact for promotional products and prides himself on quickly and professionally responding to client needs.

  • Kris Noblett

    Business Analyst

    Kris has been handling client needs at Black Label Technology for one year. She has several years of client relation experience and using that expertise to provide exceptional customer service.